Design Team

2012 Designers
Lorena Sollows
I am a full time banker by day, and an avid paper crafter by night (and any other spare moment) A married mother of two very active toddlers - one girl one boy who are the source of most of my inspiration. I have been scarpbooking since 2006 on the suggestion of a friend who owned a scrapbooking store. My crafting started in the dining room and then was relegated to a corner in the basement - hence how my blog was named "Scrapping Corner" My blog is my outlet for showcasing my works and tutorials. I am a self professed Copic Marker addict. I love colouring with Copics. I teach Copic classes at Auntie Em's and would love to help you fall in love with these markers too. I would best describe my scrapbooking style as layered and distressed. I love my sewing machine and you will almost always see stitching on my work. I love flowers and make most of my own, and am not afraid to put flowers on my boy layouts!
 Lorena Sollows - visit her blog here

Sarah Mitchell

I was introduced to scrapbooking just over 6 years ago, only a few months after my wedding. An obsession was born! My wedding album was my first project and I was hooked! Today, I love to use different techniques and I'm always interested in learning new ones. 

I love to scrap in a group. I mostly scrap with 3 of my favourite people: The Scrapbooking Divas! Nathalie, Natalie and Diane and a constant source of of crafting inspiration. More importantly though, they are wonderful people and great supportive friends. We also have guest Divas Kathleen and Sylvie who occasionally join us.
My favourite source of scrapbooing inspiration is my family, especially my husband Matt and my little guy Sam. A close second are my friends and all the fun things we've done in the past and all the activities to come.

To pay for my scrapbooking addiction, I work for the federal government. I have worked for the same department for 7 years and enjoy my career.
I'm thrilled to join Auntie Em's design team and look forward to future projects that I will complete on behalf of the store.    

 Sarah Mitchell - vist her blog here

Stephanie Hehn

Hi my name is Stephanie, and I'm 33 years old. My husband Karl and I have been married for 10 years and we have one son Logan who is 8 years old, and he is the subject of most of my layouts. I started scrapbooking about 8 years ago. I loved the scrapbook that a friend of mine had made for her wedding, so I decided to take a class at Auntie Em's and got hooked.  I like making cards, and I dabble in photography.  I don’t really have a scrapbook ‘style’, I just do what I do.  I'm very excited and nervous to be on Emma's Design Team. 

Stephanie Hehn - visit her blog here

Nancy Paquette

I've been dabbling in creative arts since grade 2 when I asked my mom to let me take painting lessons so becoming a fanatic of scrapbooking was a natural evolution for me.

I first started scrapbooking in 2004 when I created a book for a friend. I was immediately hooked. My passion for it just multiplied when I moved back to Cornwall in 2006 and discovered Auntie Em's.

The subjects of my pages cover my travels and adventures and recently they have been centered around Gabrielle my gorgeous niece. My layouts tend to be very grid like and clean but I am trying to break out of that little by little.

I am a graphic designer with a passion for photography scrapbooking is the perfect hobby for me.

Nancy Paquette - visit her blog here

Michelle Pilon

I caught the scrapbooking bug when I attended my first Creative Memories party in 2002. I soon became addicted to all the pretty papers, tools, embellishments, etc., etc.,. I left this wonderful hobby for about four years after the birth of my second child. My third child turned three and that is when the craziness started. I knew I needed to get back into scrapbooking to keep my sanity.
I am a mother of three gorgeous boys who continue to give me daily inspiration. I try to not only scrapbook special occasions but daily life within our family. I believe that the little things that make me laugh and happy will be the memories I truly want to cherish.
I'm a lover of all things creative. I love photography, fashion, art, music, jewelry, literature.  I've never been a great oral communicator but give me a pen and paper and I am open about my feelings. Scrapbooking has helped me express myself and has become my therapy. 
I’m not sure what my style is. I like to try new techniques and products. I know what I’m not, I don’t do vintage and I’m not huge on flowers…probably because I have three boys. I’m definitely a paper crafter. I like to embellish using papers, all different kinds of papers. I usually throw a bunch of different things together and it’s a surprise to me how it will turn out in the end.
I’m super excited to be on Emma’s design team. I will keep challenging myself to bring new ideas to this blog. It is a huge compliment to think that Emma believes I can contribute to all of you talented scrappers.