Saturday, February 26, 2011

Monthly Inspiration for March

Check out your calendar's (Scrapbook and Cards Today and Page Map calendar that is) and then pop back here on March 1st to see what Lorena and Mellisa created based on the sketch for March! Very cool layouts - a little scrap-lifting never hurt no one!! Did you know that each month these lovely designers will work with a product and create a layout based on the sketch? And did you know that product will be on SALE for that whole month? So you may be inspired and create with the product for a little less - cool eh?

So are you ready for your teaser? okay I think I will post the blurry pictures tonite cause it is Saturday night and a few of you may of had a few bubbly pops and won't know the difference! Then tomorrow when I re-post the clear-er photos you will think wow I really need to get my eyes checked or I need to stop drinking!!! I know I'm a sick puppy - but it was never my idea to unleash me into this blog world - where who knows what will happen!!

Check out Mellisa's blog she has an ATC swap invite. I would really love to try it but I just don't know where to start and afraid I will really suck at it. But it is better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all - so for the sake of saying I have loved I think I jussst might sign up!  Yikes anyone else willing to take the plunge?? Mellisa said she is going to make a sample board and post it at the store so we can get a feel for it! I know there are alot of talented people that visit the store so I hope you are reading this!!

talk to ya soon!

hmm what product line could it be?? Any guesses??

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