Monday, January 28, 2013

Celebrating a year of cuteness

This past September we celebrated Gaby's birthday. We set out to do a photoshoot the day after her big birthday party. We bought one giant balloon for the shoot and put her in a simple outfit. We all walked over to a bike path near their home and did the shoot. It turned out to be a great shoot she was in a great mood and gave us lots of super awesome smiles :)

Anyway with all the awesome design team supplies I got from Emma I had some left overs and wanted to make some layouts of the great images we got.

So here is the layout from that shoot I just love how girly it is...I don't tend to go all traditional and girly but sometimes you have to embrace the pink!

It's a simple layout not much technique just beautiful paper and embellishments anyone could make this happen.

Have fun cropping.

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