Thursday, November 28, 2013


Well this is a first for Auntie Em's!!  Well, not the first  time for a SALE but first time getting caught up in all this Black Friday madness!! Kind of excited about this - I'm gonna fill the tables in the work area full, full, full of products - which will be 35% off but if you pay cash and read this and make sure to say "hey I want the real deal!"  I'll take another 5% off!!!  There are going to be lots and lots of really cool goodies - Christmas stamps, Christmas embellishments and Christmas paper - just to mention a few things.  Great Christmas Shopping Deals - for you or for someone on your list!

This SALE will be Fri. Nov. 29th 10am to 7pm and Sat. Nov. 30th 10am to 4pm. 

As the media has been telling me that Saturday is Shop Local Day - so I have another deal on top of the SALE - As all of you who know me - know I'm kind of active at my Church and this Sunday we have our annual Christmas Tea (1:30-4pm - you are all invited) which is our major fundraiser for the year! Well guess what I have raffle tickets to sell - the odds are good and the prizes are very good!  You could win $500 or 2nd prize is a Stained Glass Nativity Set - so if you buy 3 tickets for $5 - as a thank you for your support I will give you a gift!  

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