Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nancy's March Layout Challenge

Hi Everyone...I am so excited to be part of this great team...I mean have you seen the other girl's work it's incredible!

From now on no excuses! I have to complete one challenge a month and blog about it...woohoo that is just what I needed. The challenges have always been one of my favorite things over at Auntie Em's it's so interesting to see how the same page map or technique can inspire us to create such different things.

As you can see I decided that the subject of my layout would be my favorite little person my niece (oh and I guess I can say God Daughter now too) Gabrielle. I babysat her for an entire weekend and sent my sister and brother in law on a weekend getaway. It was an awesome weekend and I wanted to create a layout for it. I am planning on using a multi photo insert to go with this layout that will include some journal blocks and more photos of the weekend.

The Paradise line from little yellow bicycle that Emma gave us to work with just happened to match perfectly the photos I wanted to use. BONUS!

So I started as I always almost do in photoshop. I always sharpen my images and check that the levels are ok. I printed the images from home on my Epson directly onto 4x6 paper. I left one of the images in full colour and manipulated the other image a bit.

To create that effect I duplicated the layer and made one layer sepia and toned it down to about 50% then brought back the colour in her cheeks a little; cause those rosy cheeks, are just too cute.

I cropped the images and was on my way. The layout turned out great but there were bumps along the road. I was trying to get the flower challenge just right and ended up leaving lots of glue on the bottom left so I adapted the layout and moved the title from the right to the left to cover up the mess.

As you can tell the graphic designer in me has a hard time letting go of the grid. My layouts are mostly straight and everything is aligned. I swear I try really hard to break that habit. For that reason I wanted my flower to be a little rough around the edges. I decide to create a flower out of ribbon since I have an unhealthy obsession with ribbon. Check out the photo tutorial below and the detailed shots of my layout.

I hope you all have a chance to create a layout for the March challenge it's a good motivator to getting things scrapbooked!

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