Monday, April 1, 2013

Nat Noted - April 1/13

It's April Fool's Day! I hope you have a day full of laughs and fun.

I found five great blog posts that I wanted to share with you.

1. Becky Higgins posted 10 reasons to start Project Life on her blog. You'll have to scroll down in this blog to read her reasons, but if you've been thinking about this, this will push you to do it.
Project Life Sample: Clementine
Photo credit: Becky Higgins 

2. White space defined by American Crafts:
White space is an important principle of design. White space is nothing. White space is the absence of text and graphics. It breaks up text and graphics. It provides visual breathing room for the eye. Add white space to make a page less cramped, confusing, or overwhelming.
Frankly, the idea of white space is confusing and overwhelming to me! ;-)

They have a whole week devoted to white space. The layouts *are* beautiful and inspiring!
Photo credit: Allison Waken (American Crafts)
3. Guest blogger Julie Kirk posted 5 ideas on how to use pages from old books on Shimelle Laine's blog. My two faves: as definition or as a background. 
scrapbooking ideas by Julie Kirk @
Photo credit: Julie Kirk (pretty paper. true stories (and cupcakes)
4. Julia Stainton created a beautiful mini-album with tags. I've seen this idea before, but I love the colours and how Julia has layered her embellishments. Gorgeous!
Photo credit: Julia Stainton (Belle Papier)
5. Cool technique with a tutorial up on the Basic Grey blog: mix paint and water, apply to bubble wrap, and create texture on your page.  Genius! This is a must try (if I can stop myself from popping the bubble wrap....).
Photo credit: Basic Grey
 I hope you have a fabulously creative weekend.

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  1. i love to pop the bubble wrap too!! it's so addictive! LOL
    great finds once again ;)