Sunday, June 3, 2012


I love weddings! They are happy events filled with hope and love. There is something awe-inspirering about watching two people stand up in front of their family and friends and promise to love each other for the rest of their lives.

Last summer, I attended the wedding of my friends Glynis and Simon. This wedding was a long time in the making! The pair met in high school but didn't start dating until later on. I myself have known Simon for almost 25 years and Glynis for almost 18 years. It was a privilege to be invited and be a witness to this very happy day.

I had a few pictures to scrapbook from that day and when I saw the Swoon collection from Little Yellow Bicycle at Auntie Em's Scrapbooking and Beading, I thought it was perfect. This collection is absolutely stunning! Every single paper sheet is gorgeous and the embellishments are to die for! Because it's so neutral, it doesn't matter what the wedding colours were. The line goes with any colour in my opinion.

I'd like to share two layouts that I made of Glynis and Simon's wedding with the Swoon collection. 

The first page features the bride and groom walking down the aisle minutes after being pronounced husband and wife. The happy couple was all smiles and I managed to snap this picture myself from my seat in the church as they walked by.  

As a backdrop, I used the 'Always' paper, which has foil accents. My picture does not do this paper justice. It's simply beautiful! Because the foil accents were so beautiful, I didn't want to cover them up with multiple pictures. To me, this paper was meant to be used for a single picture layout.

I started by matting my pictures with the 'Black Tie Stripe' paper. I then placed it on the 'Always' paper as to not cover up the foil accents. I added a doily, the chipboard piece and the paper flower (that are available additions to the collection) to the top-left corner of the matted picture.

Next I added the horizontal border at the bottom of the picture. I layered silver ribbon, a Swoon chipboard piece and a string of pearls.

I then clustered paper flowers, chipboard pieces, stickers (all available with the collection) and pins on the bottom-right of the picture.

At the bottom-right of the 'Always' paper, there's a little foil accented box that I thought was perfect to write the date of the wedding using a silver pen. I also used bling (also available with the collection) to accent the 'Love'.

I went in a different direction for the second page I made with the Swoon collection. I wanted to create and layout using many pictures - in this case, six.

At the top of the paper, there are the words 'Wedding March'. I wanted to play this up so I added bling on each end.

The key to creating a layout with numerous pictures is to crop your pictures as much as possible. I selected pictures that were cropable (not a word, I know, but I'm taking creative license). After my pictures were glued in a kind of a grid, I added a ribbon with large white flowers as a horizontal border at the bottom. Believe it or not, the ribbon is from the Winter Joy collection by Bo Bunny from a few seasons ago. It just goes to show that you should aways go through your stash to see what you have!

Looking at the white space underneath the ribbon, it felt it was a little naked so I added the title 'Love' using the chipboard pieces available with the Swoon collection.

I then used a doily again and clustered paper flowers, chipboard pieces and a sticker on the top-right of the page.

After I was done that, I felt like the page was still missing something. So, I added a small string of pearls as a border between two pictures and capped it off with a chipboard butterfly. I added a few pieces of bling to the butterfly to make it stand out more. 

I hope you are now inspired to create your own wedding layouts, whether they be from pictures of your own wedding or the wedding of friends or family. Weddings are such important events. They deserve to be scrapbooked. Having collections like Swoon to work with doesn't hurt either!

Check out the Swoon collection at Auntie Em's.

Happy scrappin'!


  1. What an amazing collection! Love your layouts!!

  2. beautiful pages,and a little outside your norm.way more clustering and blingage(is that a word?)than you usually use.

  3. I like these layout, especially the first page. Very nice and 'pure' with the white flowers!