Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wrigley Field

Sometimes time is an issue when it comes to scrapbooking but in the end the challenges push us to get them done. May was one of those months for me. I missed the Design Team meeting since I was away with my cadets at their drill team competition then once I picked up the challenge I was finishing up a bunch of jobs in order to allow me to take a few days off for my vacation to Chicago. Then there was the vacation itself which was amazing and just 4 days later the layout was due at Emma's. See it was a whirlwind!

So when I got back from Chicago I really wanted to get some Chicago pics scrapbooked right away. Looking at the paper and my pictures I decided that the wood background was the best to go with my Wrigley field pictures. I cropped and printed my pictures and started creating the layout inspired  by the June calendar sketch. The challenge this month wanted us to stitch and I HATE stitching not kidding I really don't stitch ever. But then a light bulb went off and I decided to make little baseballs and stitch the baseball stitches and guess what? I would have never done that if Emma didn't challenge us to do so but it turned out so cute and is by far my favorite part of the layout.

The thing I like about this layout is that it includes 5 pictures, 2 logos and the ticket from the game and somehow it doesn't even look crowded I love layouts that incorporate a lot into one. For the Cubs logo I found a svg cubs logo file online and cut the logo out of a white card stock then I used another piece of card stock behind the cutout and blinged up the C with some red gems and used a  red card stock from Emma's scrap pile in the store...If you ever need a little scrap ask Emma about the scrap pile it's an inexpensive way to complete a layout.

As for the title it was a last minute addition and it was my boyfriend's idea. He was looking at the page and telling me that the red Wrigley Field Sign was really important to him and it was only printed very little in a photo so he suggested we print it in big and use it as the title so I printed it on mat photo paper and cut it out and added it to the top and I think it finished the page off nicely.

Enjoy the beginning of  summer and don't let the scrapbooking pile up and take the time to do the challenge it's so worth it it will allow you to go above and beyond


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