Wednesday, August 29, 2012

TOO cute!

This month I knew right away what images I wanted to use with this paper. Recently my sister had asked me to babysit my niece gaby while she ran a few errands. Once my sister left Gaby was whiney and clearly unhappy. But Russel took her in his arms and made everything better they cuddled on the couch and I had to get some photos. The light was pouring through the window and it gave me some wonderful results.

I have made a point to use the things I have so that I can better justify spending money at Auntie Em's on new scrapbooking goodness. So on this layout I decided I should make a small dent in my ribbon collection and it turns out it was just a very small dent as I am the ribbon queen. I should actually work on better organizing my ribbon too it would be more readily available and maybe just maybe the stash would go down.

I also used a bunch of flowers and some beautiful lace like stickers that I had had for a while.

For the flag I used a pin that Emma' had given us for one of the last challenges cause it had the cutest flower on the top that matched I used a bit of left over card stock from my scraps and just wrote TOO and drew some stitching around the flag it was
                                                         that simple and it turned out so cute  :)

Other then that my layout is fairly simple I edited my photos in photoshop as per usual. I made them half sepia which added a bit of softness. Cropped 3 of them to 3x3 and printed my favorite on a 4x6. Added some flowers and a bunch of ribbon and voila a super soft and cute page. I'm so happy with it.

The journaling block reads:
Maman t'a laissé avec nous pour aller faire des commissions tu étais fatiguée et rien ne pouvait te consoler sauf les caresses d'oncle Russel.

Hope you are all getting your challenges done. I just took the time to look back on what I created only for the challenges and it's great to see how much it pushes me to get stuff done.


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