Monday, August 5, 2013

Hey!!!  So excited to be submitting to this blog! I went in to Auntie Em's on Saturday and this "blogging" thing came about.  I've never blogged before and, I'll be honest,  am a little intimidated.  Please be patient since I'm sure you'll see half a post then the rest when I've figured out something is

I'm super pumped to be posting my work because sometimes I'll work on layouts and the only one who ever sees it is my husband. He tries to act interested but I'm sure he's VERY happy I now have all of you to share with.

Speaking of layouts, last night I decided to work with soft colors...all different whites. I actually bought all of this paper on Saturday at Emma's for 40% off. All of her Christmas goodies were on sale and I saw this paper and loved it. Sometimes, I try to think outside the box and use "seasonal" lines for different "non seasonal" layouts. I love the effect this paper has with the soft colours of Oskar, my Dad's beloved dog.

Notice how I wrote "My brotha". I'm not trying to be hip...I just ran out of the letter "r" and had to  Now I look cool and was able to use the letter stickers I wanted.

So, there we are, my first post is done...pheww! Be back soon...

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  1. Excellent job on your first post Michelle! You are a real pro at this now!! And the layout is really cool too!! Thanks for sharing :)