Friday, August 16, 2013


I love using different shapes on my layouts. For those who know me, you'll notice I'm a little circle obsessed...but I can play with all shapes with the best of them. Here I'm showing you what I've done with the dearly beloved three point shape:

1.  Using it in your design...

Using the triangle in your design will always, and I mean always, be pleasing to the eye. Try it...bunch everything in a triangular shape on your layouts and you'll be happy with how it all works together. When I'm stumped for a page design I almost always revert back to this design style.

2.  Creating arrows...

I'm a huge fan of arrows right now. I like to point arrows at the focal point in my layouts...arrows are just cool. I love finding different ways to use my scraps so in this layout I cut out little triangles out of my scraps and used them in a straight line pointing to that ugly face on the page. I'm directing your eye to the main focus that is telling the story.

3.  Using arrows where you think arrows exist...

I used triangles (again with scraps) as the rays of sunshine. You could also use them to create the roof of a house, a star, grass, mountains, bows, skirts, anywhere you think arrows exist.

 I love creating my own embellishments with paper. It saves money on pre-made embellishments, it adds interesting elements, and you can control the size of the embellishment to work with what you have.

Stay tuned for the interesting..........square!!

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  1. wow - what a great take! I love your layouts Michelle - welcome to the Auntie Em's team. Love your style and your layouts really do ROCK! Amazing point of view with the triangles ... I'm circle obsessed too!