Thursday, August 8, 2013

So I call this layout "Use everything you can think of"  I sprayed, I stamped, I layered, I stamped again, I gelatoed, I inked, etc...  I go a little crazy sometimes but the end result is fun. This picture doesn't really show all of the layers involved in this layout. I need to improve my layout photography skills.

I love, love, love the new chalkboard washi tape that I wrote on. First time I use it and certainly won't be the last. I'm thinking of using it in a future project of placing it all around my paper starting from the edges coming in. That will be for a layout with a lot of journalling involved but think it will look super cool...oh, I'm getting excited just thinking about the possibilities. Stay tuned for that one! Or I could create a bunch of journalling "boxes" by cutting even strips and making squares with it.  Or I could create a border with it around my photos and journal about the picture. Or ...ok, I'll stop now.

I'd like to point out my newest addiction...adding pattern paper corners to my pages. Such a nice touch. Good way to tie in colors, in my case I'm usually always trying to tie in some black.

Well, gotta go. Season finale of the Bachelorette is playing tonight and I'm anxious to see if she dumps both guys because she had her heart broken from contestand #3!!!  Love reality that's really reality that you would have 25 gorgeous guys to choose from and of course they all fall in love with you...barf, barf.

Catch ya next time.

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